About Fallcatcher
Fallcatcher was conceived by our founder Henry Ford to help address the problems he witnessed first hand while working in the treatment center industry in Florida in the mid 2000’s. Beyond the emotional pain and financial ruin he saw caused to families struggling with opioid addiction, he also viewed insurance companies as victims of fraud and abuse at the receiving end of questionable business practices performed by treatment centers exploiting weaknesses in the current US Healthcare System. This breach of trust is most acute around billing for services not delivered, and toxicology tests that are not necessary or never performed. In response, Henry launched a biometric accountability movement and founded Fallcatcher in the Spring of 2014.
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Henry Ford, Vice President. Founder and Chief Product Officer

Mr. Ford is the founder of Fallcatcher, Inc. and serves as the Chief Product Officer. Mr. Ford spent nearly two decades in the technology sector including eight years designing, implementing, and supporting Voice, Data, and Cellular Networks working for leading firms that included Juniper Networks. Following that, he had a short stint in the real estate industry during the boom years in the early 2000’s. Mr. Ford was inspired to create the Fallcatcher solution while working in and later running a treatment center in South Florida where he learned first hand the challenges and abuses prevalent among those dealing with the opioid crisis, including patients, providers and insurers.

Mr. Ford holds CCNP (R/S) and CISSP certifications and a BS in Computer Science from Grand Canyon University.

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Mark Scherer, COO

Mr. Scherer majored in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and was employed in the chemical industry for 6 years. His entrepreneurial spirit was to own his own company which he started and owned for 20 years in the construction industry. He specialized in doing hospital and institutional work and grew the company to 120+ employees. He has started and managed companies in a variety of industries from construction to the food industry. He enjoys building teams to achieve and excel with integrity. Mark is a successful real estate investor as well as a life and business coach. He is certified in a variety of life and business coaching modalities to identify, clarify, align, and implement systems for businesses and individuals to achieve their highest choices. He is aligned with the purpose and business mission of Fall Catcher and is an active member of the board / team. He is a Life Upgrade Facilitator, Corp and Personal Coach.

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John A. Hill, CFO

Mr. Hill is an experienced financial executive with more than 40 years in financial accounting including more than 25 years of global manufacturing experience in finance and management in plant, divisional and corporate environments. He has successfully managed in a variety of industries ranging from chemicals to high-volume electronic manufacturing to services, and in various sized organizations from a venture capital backed start-up company to a multi-billion dollar global corporation. Hill specializes in operations and financial leadership, change management, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and debt funding, and emerging growth companies. He also has extensive experience in Board of Directors, private investor, and auditor relations. He holds an MBA from Murray State University and a B.A. degree in Accounting & Mathematics from Mid America Nazarene University.

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